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The company specializes in the construction of magnificent extremely luxurious offices for different functions, such as banks, hi-tech firm, commercial corporations, and public and private entities. The company has conducted and is conducting a significant portion of luxury office construction in Tel Aviv, and is also constructing large office buildings in Kiev, Ukraine, while giving maximum attention to the quality and economy of the construction. Company engineers are active and impact the design, the program, and the functionality of the buildings in close coordination and collaboration with the architect and other designers and consultants.

Additional Projects

Construction of a 45-story office building above 5 stories of subterranean parking for the Ampa, Elco, & Electra Real Estate Company


Vision Tower-Building 8
Kiryat Atidim’s Vision Tower, which will be a plush office building, includes 40 stories and magnificent lobby built over an existing parking lot that covers 6 levels of c. 2,000m2 each and containing c. 1,300 parking spaces. Additionally, there will be a commercial floor. Each floor has c. 2,000m2 of floor space.


First International Bank of Israel
Main office building for The International Bank’s management, includes 32 stories, 18,000m2 of floor space, 6 subterranean floors for parking and auditorium, and two buildings for preservation. The building’s facade is made of bio-climate double curtain wall, the first of its kind in Israel.


Zoran Building
6-story office and laboratory building. Construction was completed in November, 2006


Telrad Networks
Office building


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