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Maritime Projects


The company has extensive experience in the construction of marinas and breakwaters. It built the Tel Aviv Marina and the breakwaters from the marina to Jaffa in order to preserve the beach. It is currently building a large marina for 300 yachts in Turkish Cyprus, an investment of $30,000,000.


Additional Project: Breakwater at Achziv Beach.

Marina in Turkish Cyprus-T.R.N.C.
The marina contains 300 yachts and commercial areas. The main breakwater was constructed using the caisson method – an innovative method for the construction of breakwater construction, differing from the classical method of stone breakwaters.


8 Breakwaters Along Tel Aviv Beach
8 breakwaters along the Tel Aviv coast from the marina to Jaffa, designed to prevent erosion along the Tel Aviv coast and sustain its bathing beaches. A maritime model was conducted at the Haifa Technion, in accordance with the length of the breakwaters and their distance from the shore were determined. Thus, a synosoeda was generated which preserves the balance of the amount of sand and a stable shoreline. The project was done with our company as chief contractor through subcontractors, thus saving c. 40% of the budget.


Tel Aviv Marina
Boat anchorage, piers, harbors



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