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Social Halls and Public Structures


The company has special interest in constructing social halls and multipurpose public buildings such as theaters, museums, and various cultural centers and institutions which serve at the disposal of the public at large. The company constructed and continues to construct institutions and public structures renowned throughout Israel, in collaboration with local and larger scale foreign architects, for the glory of the State of Israel.


Additional Projects:

Wohl Auditorium, Tel Aviv

University Auditorium, Jerusalem

Reka Auditorium, Jaffa D


Parking Building Above Reservoir
Modern parking building above a water reservoir, covered in stone and stainless steel screens. The structure contains 5 stories and 900 parking spots.

Yavne Cultural Center
500-seat single story performance hall. The structure will contain: a lobby, cafeteria, actors rooms and service rooms. The stage area will be c. 200m2. The expanded stage - c. 17m.


Israel Museum Jerusalem
Multipurpose structure funded by donations, which includes: a museum, auditorium, exhibit halls, 5 wings, the Shrine of the Book, sculpture garden, libraries, gift shop, information centers, research rooms, and laboratories. The Israel Museum is the largest and most important museum in Israel. It lies in the Givat Ram area of Jerusalem. It is one of the 10 largest museums in the world. It contains archaeology, ethnography, Judaica, Israeli art, and world art collections. The museum opened on May 11, 1965.


Nokia Arena and Stadium
Reconstruction of the entire arena except for the skeleton. The professional staff included 6 theoretical/ practical engineers in each construction area. The building includes a sports arena, a performance venue, and a commercial area.


Yitzhak Rabin Center
A center dedicated completely to enshrining the achievements of Yitzhak Rabin. The project management team included 4 construction and electromechanical theoretical/ practical engineers. Multipurpose structure which includes: museum, classrooms, lobbies, study halls, auditorium, offices, and 40,00m2 of developed area.


Rishon Lezion – Cultural Center
Management, coordination, and supervision over 2 theater auditorium, 2 rehearsal auditoriums, with sophisticated stage and backstage, including all electromechanical systems, stage systems, and audio-video. The job also included construction of subterranean parking lots, special development work, sewage, drainage, lighting, and gardening systems.


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