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Structures for Preservation


The issue of preserving buildings has become, in recent years in Israel, a significant issue in urban planning in its attempt to preserve early 20th Century buildings. In Europe, preservation of buildings deemed old constitutes a very important layer, without which it would be impossible to plan in urban centers. Our company has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the preservation of buildings, both in Israel and in Europe. Among the buildings preserved, one can see a community meeting place at the corner of Rothschild Blvd. and Yavneh St., The “Greenwald House” at 4 Shadal St., beneath which lies a parking lot and between which stands the International Bank building; the Palace Hotel building at the corner of Agron St. and King David St. in Jerusalem, which served as the Ministry of Industry and Trade but is currently being rebuilt as a hotel, the function it originally served upon its completion in 1919; Le Meridien Hotel in Budapest, Hungary, whose interior the company completely reconstructed while preserving its facades; a hotel in Kiev whose interior the company is currently demolishing and rebuilding as a modern hotel, all while preserving the original façade.


Hotel Kishle
Located at the northern entrance to Jaffa next to the clock tower. Renovation of existing buildings, addition of stories, and transformation of the existing police structure into a magnificent boutique hotel including a swimming pool on the hotel’s roof and a magnificent spa.


Israel Museum Jerusalem
Multipurpose structure funded by donations, which includes: a museum, auditorium, exhibit halls, 5 wings, the Shrine of the Book, sculpture garden, libraries, gift shop, information centers, research rooms, and laboratories. The Israel Museum is the largest and most important museum in Israel. It lies in the Givat Ram area of Jerusalem. It is one of the 10 largest museums in the world. It contains archaeology, ethnography, Judaica, Israeli art, and world art collections. The museum opened on May 11, 1965.


Palace Hotel
Magnificent 5-star hotel, combines preservation of the old hotel and new construction. The hotel contains 250 rooms and 35 magnificent apartments.

Nokia Arena
Reconstruction of the entire arena except for the skeleton. The professional staff included 6 theoretical/ practical engineers in each construction area. The building includes a sports arena, a performance venue, and a commercial area.


Yitzhak Rabin Center
A center dedicated completely to enshrining the achievements of Yitzhak Rabin. The project management team included 4 construction and electromechanical theoretical/ practical engineers. Multipurpose structure which includes: museum, classrooms, lobbies, study halls, auditorium, offices, and 40,00m2 of developed area.


First International Bank of Israel
Main office building for The International Bank’s management, includes 32 stories, 18,000m2 of floor space, 6 subterranean floors for parking and auditorium, and two buildings for preservation. The building’s fa?ade is made of bio-climate double curtain wall, the first of its kind in Israel.


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