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The companys main industrial projects are centered in the hi-tech industry, pharmaceuticals, and light industry. In this area, large plants covering tens of thousands of square meters per plant were constructed with an emphasis on a high level finish and quality.

Additional Projects:Textile Plants

Additional ProjectsGeneral Industry

Additional Projects:Hi-tech

Colmobil Garages
Garages for Mercedes in Rishon Lezion and Petah Tikva. The operation included making existing structures suitable for a modern garage which meets the standard of the global Mercedes corporation.


Tami Northern Logistical Center
Logistical storage building of Tami Israel Food Manufacturing. Building of steel construction in which there are refrigerated chambers and a distribution center for the merchandise. Surrounding the building are operating areas covering c. 3,000m2


Merkavim Bus Assembly Plant
Management, coordination, and supervision of the building and work of constructing the plant, service buildings, office buildings, and storage areas, moving the plant reassembling it.


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